Step into ZARA and you will see this elbow patch trend lurking at every corner. In theory, it’s a pretty redundant trend since the patch doesn’t really serve a practical purpose. But wait, since when does fashion have to make sense right? So, with little (ahem!) time I have at home, this is a quick DIY fix to turn your old cardigan (or a long sleeve top) into a new trendy piece of garment. All you need is a piece of felt fabric, a matching color thread, an oval shaped pattern made from a piece of paper and a hand sewing skill of an amateur! Seriously, the more screwed up your stitches are, the better. But make sure they hold longer alright? Here it goes:



Here’s an idea of what you can do to an old shirt. We all know how much we love cycling the inevitable process of buying something new and getting rid of something old. But before you throw away that old shirt of yours, why not try this DIY styling idea? I often find that a great plain outfit sometimes needs a little zest to transform it into a snazzy look. I’m a big fan of layering clothes, but let’s face it, NOT IN THIS WEATHER. It’s a conflicting love-hate relationship I have with our tropical weather. I love the beach and sun tan but I hate the idea of perspiring when I’m trying to make a good impression with the clothes I’m donned in. Hence, this idea I have here which you can create from a shirt, the trending detachable collar & cuffs. Plus, it’s so stylish without having to compromise the sweat factor.

Crazy for PRINTS!

I have been gone for too long haven’t I? Unfortunately, work was consuming every inch of fun I had posting on my blog. I am officially jobless (for the lack of better word) for now, so I thought why not visit my old friend and rekindle our last activity together. My dear blog, I’m sorry for abandoning you. I promise not to again (not as long as I did at least!). So what was up while I was away? I’ve had the opportunity to work for a local fashion & lifestyle magazine, MiRRORS. It was short-lived. Although, I’m ecstatic to have met some wonderful people whom I worked with for some exciting projects. My time was well-spent and it’s bittersweet but nevertheless, fruitful! So everything is peachy now, except that I’m secretly working on something mind boggling that my head cannot handle. So every now and then, I tend to cringe at every obstacle I’m faced with. But that’s life for me. I’d rather that than be stuck in a job I don’t enjoy doing =) So, in this official comeback post, I present to you the work that I did with my team for a fashion shoot in Little India, Brickfields. Credits to photographer, Faysal Hashim, hair & makeup artist, Su Ying and not forgetting Shima, asst. photographer. Styling by yours truly in collaboration with Elizabeth Lim =)

How to have a Tutu-rific fun.

This is perhaps the right time to be talking about tutus. I have always loved the idea of wearing a tutu. I failed as a trained ballerina when I was younger, way before I hit puberty! I never got a chance to wear one =) But alas, these days tutu dresses and skirts are far more accessible now then they ever were. Ive got one which hailed from Shanghai, a little gift from my editor. It’s black and it’s sexy. So here I am messing around with it, not having the right opportunity to wear it out yet. It’s not an everyday-friendly type of clothing I must admit! Speaking of that, a turban headband is also something that I dont wear much and hardly know how to rock it. What do you think of my first attempt?

How’s my turban headband doing on my head? Before you ask where I got it from, let me just tell you that I actually made it myself from a scarf. Nothing fancy though, just a lot of folding and knotting.

I hardly wear this patterned stockings too. But the intricate designs just amaze me.

And now I present to you..Tutus from Tutuworkshop! My dear friend Joanne designs them, and had asked myself and Nadira who is a natural in front of the lens by the way (Jealous!) to pose for her tutus! It was rather spontaneous and of course we were glad to do it. We had too much fun fiddling around with the tutus in front of the camera. I hardly know anyone who designs and makes tutus as well as Joanne does. She rocks. Check out her tutus! They’re mostly for little princesses to wear but I am sure she’d be more than happy to make one for the big princesses! In fact, she’s making one for me right now =0P

At the end of the shoot, I told everyone that I wanted to wear my tutu to a mamak place. I think I should. Try.

Dye-ing for more.

I know that this is not the first post that I have done on tie-dyes. Rest assured that it wont be the last =) Spring/Summer 2011 is all about projecting bright hues onto our physical attributes. Some might even call it color clashing or color blocking. Fashion and trends of the 1970’s are fleeting their way into our wardrobes faster than one can enunciate ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’! In honor of my perpetual love for tie-dye prints, here are the latest addition to my wardrobe family! Introducing….

This really awesome tie-dye tank from Robin paired with a tube dress. This newly opened online boutique is really, really bad for my wallet!

I just love layering up my clothes. Somehow, it gives me such a thrill mixing and matching pieces together. That’s my infamous DIY vest that I never cease to repeat and fingerless gloves which I bought for a costume party once upon a time ago.

And this one here is a keeper! A tie-dye scarf for me to experiment with.

Whether it’s on my head or around my neck you must admit that it really makes me ‘pop’ right?

What outfit is ever complete without excessive accessories? =)

Moral of the story is, be creative with your wardrobe. I once turned a strap of a bag into a bracelet. True story I tell you!

Im back!

What a year it has been so far for me. So much has happened, and what a journey it has been. I have been privileged enough to have family and friends who stood by me through thick and thin. And now, Im back on my two slightly over-wide feet.

The most shockingly interesting news: I finally quit my job! Making a slow but surely transition from advertising to fashion editorial! It’s going to be a blessed journey I hope =) When the time comes, I shall reveal what my new job is all about. On another note, sometime back in January a dear friend who writes for a local fashion magazine has asked me to be featured for an article that she’s doing on bargain hunting. Im excited about that too. I just hope that I will end up looking great and sounding great on print. My baby steps are beginning to make their way into a favorable direction. Let’s toast for a great year ahead!

So in keeping with my photo-whoring tradition, here are some photos for your eyeing pleasure. Just some accessory ideas to spice up your everyday look. I went a little too far by putting on a wig..but it’s all in the name of fun =0P Enjoy!


This week must be an Alexa Chung week =0P So this is just an extension of my admiration for this darling beauty. Quite often when it comes to personalizing my style, I take a peek at my fashion icons for inspirations. It’s not so much on what they are wearing that makes me want to wear the exact same thing but more so, its about how they channel such extraordinary aura by mixing and matching pieces together.

This might sound a little strange but fashion is like mathematics. Making use of a formula whereby understanding what works or what not and making them tally by creating a masterpiece that is your sense of style. If this makes any sense at all =0P So here I am, channeling my inner Alexa and creating looks that feel comfortable on my skin with a touch of my own personality.